WP2 – Research of current state of the art and needs assesment

The Leader of WP2 – Research of the current state of the art and needs assessment – TRUNI


The research will focus on determining the situation (state of the art) in the field of the Roma: existing web sites, portals, project websites and the needs of different professional groups (teachers, adult educators, professionals in the area of education, Roma activists), employment and social policy, representatives at all levels of decision-making, etc. Research will be conducted on the national and European level. It will define key needs related to developing an innovative, valuable and useful portal to address the needs and tackle the challenges in the field.

The WP2 leader will provide a methodology guide which will comprise all methodological instructions on how to conduct the assessment of needs and the state of the art at the online platform field in all countries. The methodology guide will be translated in 5 national languages. The collected results will be presented in 5 national reports in 5 languages. The summary report will be prepared by the WP leader in the English language.

As mentioned, the survey will be the reference framework for developing the online platform which will have a transnational core, valid for all project partners, as well as a possible regional core based on national particularities which will be implied in corresponding partner countries.



  • WP2.2_ Country Reports

        -   WP2.2_Country report_Slovenia

        -   WP2.2_Country report_Slovakia

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