WP1 – Management and coordination

The Leader of WP1 Project Management and Coordination – RIC Novo mesto

This WP will ensure successful completion of all tasks, the agreed resources, timeframes and also effective communication with the contracting European authority and all the partners involved. Under this WP we will ensure the monitoring of the project and partners' meetings. To ensure solid project management, there will be 5 project meetings troughout project's lifetime.

The partnership will start with the process to compile a unified Project implementation work plan. Each partner will prepare a plan of activities for the WP which they are responsible for. The project leader will prepare the whole project management plan. Each plan will be discussed in the steering group.

The WP1 management team will (together with the contributions of all partner teams) form an internal Project management and communication plan. Partners will report to the WP1 management team about the activities performed and the budget spent three times a year – 4-month periods.