WP3 – On-line platform implementation

The Leader of WP3 – Online platform implementation – MULTIKULTURA


WP3 aims at creating a high quality online platform. The WP leader will prepare a proposal of online structure design and contents in cooperation with all the partners. Then the WP leader will develop a technical solution for setting up the platform and train project staff on uploading materials within the online platform.

During the same period partners will collect materials form different sources, sort them into logical units by the online platform structure and upload them within the portal structure. The online portal will be implemented in 5 national languages and in the English language. The WP leader P6 will prepare the online guide for uploading materials on the online platform and plan for pilot testing of the platform. If it is necessary, they will also train the project staff by using e-communication, for example Skype. At least 30 persons in the whole partnership will be trained for uploading materials on the online platform. The final online platform will be presented at the final conference. It will run in 6 languages.


WP 3.3_Platform administration manual