WP4 – Dissemination

The Leader of WP4 – Dissemination – ADICE


WP4's aim is to create attractive promotion ways for project results, especially the online platform. This WP will draw information from all the work packages and will manage communication with the EU authorities and different institutions (e.g. adult education) which might benefit from the project. Dissemination will be an on-going process on the whole project in terms of bringing feedback as well as disseminating the results. The Dissemination Plan will precisely define what to disseminate, when it should happen, who needs to know and how it can be done. All the activities presented above will be updated and put into the right context.

The Dissemination Plan will define the approaches that will be in accordance with the project results gained throughout the project experiences and through exchange of good practices among the project partners and the public.


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