In the past years, the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs conducted numerous programmes in the field of labour market and employment. These were aimed at the target population of the unemployed Roma (National Programme of Measures for Roma of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2010-2015, p. 18):

  • “Roma and unemployment in Pomurje”;
  • “Equal employment opportunities for Roma – Our common challenge” (2012);
  • The project "Development of models for educating and training of Roma with the purpose to increase the regular employments";
  • The Phare programmes for Roma;
  • Two development partnerships were financed in the scope of the EQUAL Community Initiative: The development partnership Roma Employment Centre and the development partnership Roma Education-Information Centre;
  • Transboundary social partnership MEDIATOR – the Interreg III A programme;
  • Programmes of active employment policy which also included the programmes of the employment of the Roma (still conducted); 
  • National programmes of community work (still conducted).


The measures of the employment policy adopted for every calendar year of planning period separately, define the types of programmes and target groups of the unemployed (also the Roma) who can join in.



  • National programme of measures for Roma for the period 2010-2015 – Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 33/2007). [online]. Available at: