Situation of the Roma

The Roma settled in Poland are a legally recognized ethnic minority. They are no longer nomads, as they have completed their nomadic lifestyle. Currently, only 30 families are trying to continue the tradition of traveling, but they use cars, and not as it used to be (rolling stock). For most of the Roma their settlement was seen as a social degradation. They lived on the margins of the society, deprived of the privileges, ignored by the law, wary of programs that they have been offered. The measures for the Roma community are designed to improve their socio-economic situation in the place of residence. Over the decades, the situation of the Roma in Poland began to stabilize and improve. You can see the first fruits of the Roma efforts. These are the following: children reading and writing in Polish,  successful Roma companies, the emerging centres of Roma culture, and numerous associations. The country has registered more than 80 Roma NGOs.
The vast majority of the Roma in Poland are the members of the Roman Catholic Church, but in the last several years the research has shown the participation of the Roma in the Pentecostal Church and Jehovah's Witnesses.