The educational level of the Roma community in Slovenia is rather low. Although a relatively large number of children is enrolled in pre-school and primary education, as a result of irregular attendance of Roma children at schools and kindergartens, primary education is completed at lower rates or not at all. The reasons for this situation are mainly the poor knowledge of the Slovenian language, the lack of children’s socialization and certainly the marginalization of Roma children from other peers. The reasons for the drop-out rate of Roma pupils and their poor school performance are definitely conditioned also by the poverty, unsettled living and social conditions, and the lack of motivation and incentives within the Roma community.


Photo: People's University of Kočevje, 2014



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Description of the situation

The data on the education structure of the Roma community members show low education level, since the majority of them did not finish the primary school (more than 65 percent of the Roma community members, out of which 60 percent males and 70 percent females)

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The main institution in the field of education is the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport:


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