Roma in Slovenia

Much like at the European level, in Slovenia the Roma community is considered as an ethnical group, a minority that is confronted with existential problems and for this has a special status. Roma, as a minority in all environments, are most often the victims of social exclusion, discrimination, segregation and poverty.

Situation of the Roma

The Roma community in the Republic of Slovenia is a constitutionally recognised minority. Despite not having the status of a classic national minority, it is specifically referred to as a minority in the Constitution and it is provided with special legislative protection. It is recognised as a minority with its own ethnic and cultural characteristics (its own language, culture and history) which it preserves pursuant to the constitutional provisions. In this regard, their expressed needs are observed.

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Demographic data

Pursuant to the applicable legislation in the field of the protection of personal data, the ministries and governmental offices and competent institutions do not keep special personal registers on the basis of ethnicity or nationality. Thus, the data on their number is acquired only from the official census registers regulated by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

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Socio-economic status

The Roma community in Slovenia is considered as an ethnical group, a minority which is facing the most severe existential problems and is for this reason given a special status. The Roma community is as minority in all environments, most frequently a victim of social exclusion, discrimination, segregation and poverty.  

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The historical sources mention the Roma in the territory of the present Slovenia already in the 15th century. From the 17th century on, the data related to the Roma people have occurred more often and are also found in the civil register. 

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