VET4ROMA developing mediation

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Country/partner countries
Spain, Romania, Italy, Serbia and Belgium

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Fundación Privada Pere Closa

Project coordinator: Sebastian Porras
Email address:

Project information – start and end date (if available)
01.11.2013 – 31.10.2014

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
European Project VET 4 Mediation with Roma was born as a forum to discuss what Roma mediation is and to analyze and define the features and needs of Roma mediators. The project’s goal is to develop European Roma mediation frame through the implementation of a VET certification for Roma Mediators. This VET certification will link the Roma mediator figure to a recognized profession, defining its features and its needs. In the meantime, it will reinforce the empowerment of the Roma community by offering an effective mediation in Roma communities as well as promoting professional mediators from the grassroots.
Concretely, the project's specific objectives are:
• to work on the design of new mediation VET certification through developing a training curriculum based on the main working areas established for the European Strategy for Roma Inclusion 2020: employment, health, education and housing
• to promote effective mediation in Roma neighborhoods led by their own community, emphasizing the importance of introducing natural mediators in the institutional Roma mediation programmes and policies
• to develop a training curriculum with 3 “non-routine task-oriented” transversal modules of mediation with a final digital certificate in order to facilitate and maximise its application in our Roma mediators European community. The training modules will be as follows: (a) digital literacy and communication skills, (b) intercultural mediation specialized in Roma Communities and (c) intercultural mediation in the field of education, health, employability and general local community
• to set up a Moodle Platform in order to allow the consortium to share all project information and all project tasks. Besides the internal communication, Moodle is going to be used during the pilot training for national referents and later, to perform the courses with 25 mediators in each national context.
• to opt for a transcultural process. The content should consider consortium’s cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as each partner's particular experience in the field of mediation and the Roma community. Note that the Roma community is also diverse and can have different features in all European countries. VET4 Mediation with the Roma will respect diversity in order to create its basis. The idea is to be able to reach the outcomes at the European level. To assess and reshape courses after pilot training in order to adapt all modules to each national context.
• to create a wide dissemination network and a strong exploitation strategy to reach as many Roma mediators, stakeholders and policy makers at the European and National level as possible

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
125 Roma mediators

Sources of funding
European Commission


Document - materials that incurred in the project
A state of art review of the mediator professional
Mediation 4 Roma - Progress report