Successful Inclusion of Roma into Education II

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Country/partner countries

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Ljudska univerza Kočevje/ People's University of Kočevje
Contact person: Milena Petek
Telephone: 00386 01 8938 270

Project information – start and end date (if available)
1.9.2011 - 31.8.2014

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
The purpose of the project is to study the consequences of exclusion from the process of education for the members of the Roma minority in Slovenia. The aim of the project is achieving higher standards of knowledge as well as a decrease in the dropout rate of Roma pupils in preschool and primary education and ensuring as many as possible to continue education in high schools.
One of the most important measures is the implementation of a Roma assistant in Roma settlements and schools attended by Roma pupils. In the previous period (2008-2010), the inclusion of a Roma assistant contributed greatly to the attendance of Roma pupils and the communication between Roma parents and schools.
On top of that, 31 members of the Roma community achieved the standard of knowledge necessary for national vocational qualification for a Roma assistant.

Results of the project
The main results:

• co-financing of 26 Roma assistants, from 1.9.2013 22 full-time Roma assistants with varying degrees of education in the first school year of implementation, evenly distributed over the geographical areas where the Roma people live in Slovenia;

• the inclusion of 31 schools/kindergartens in the Northwest and the Southeast region into the project;

• co-financing the establishment of 7 project teams with Roma Assistant in kindergartens and elementary schools (31);

• preparation of 2 didactic tools to help Roma assistants with their work - one tool for Slovene and one tool for mathematics;

• preparation of activities to raise the level of education of Roma assistants, the education of Roma assistants in the field of pre-school education modules;

• preparation of a plan for elementary schools and kindergartens, with which a school or a kindergarten determines the activities with a view to the effective integration of the Roma people in pre-school and primary school (co-operation with the parents of Roma children, learning about Roma culture, history and identity, and overcoming stereotypes and prejudices).

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
The operation is important in addressing Roma issues and to raise the level of knowledge of Roma children throughout the Slovenian area.

Sources of funding
ESF, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport


Document - materials that incurred in the project
Project Compendium | Zbornik projekta
Program School for Parents | Program Šola za starše
Program Get to know each other | Program Spoznajmo se
Program Getting to know the Roma in order to eliminate prejudices | Program Spoznajmo Rome in odpravimo predsodke
Guidelines for the preparation of the plan in primary schools and kindergartens for the effective integration of the Roma in pre-school and primary school | Smernice za pripravo nacrta osnovne šole in vrtca za učinkovitejše vkljucevanje Romov v predšolsko
Roma assistants in practice: findings and challenges_presentation
Guidelines for the preparation of the plan in primary schools and kindergartens for the effective integration of the Roma in pre-school and primary school_presentation
Achievements of the project UVRVI II_presentation
At the end of the project_presentation