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Country/partner countries

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Regional Development Agency Mura, Murska Sobota
Project manager: Romeo Varga
Tel: 02 534 80 25
GSM 031 609 142

Romano Kher
Lendavska 5a,
SI - 9000 Murska Sobota
Tel: +386 5 908 11 40

Project information – start and end date (if available)
3. 12. 2010-2. 12. 2014

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
Within the project there will be a training for the Roma, who want to find employment. The aim is to encourage the Roma to improve their self-esteem and equip them with the skills to successfully enter the labor market.
There are four institutions in the project partnership. The regional development agency Mura is the leading partner and the coordinator of the project. Other partners are the Institute for minorities, the Forum of Roma councilors of Slovenia and the Institute for social development.
Project activities are divided into four core pillars.
With the first pillar we want to raise the employability of the members of the Roma community. We are going to achieve this in two ways. We are using the individual approach, which has proved in the past to be the most successful in recruiting vulnerable social groups (particularly the Roma). The activities will take place in the form of employment workshops and motivational discussions throughout the duration of the whole project. The participants will be encouraged and helped to improve self-esteem and equipped with the skills for success in the labor market. On the other hand, the participants will establish contacts and employment partnerships with potential employers.
The aim of the second pillar is to train (empower) Roma councilors and activists. Their active engagement in adopting policies and especially their active role in the implementation of concrete measures are essential prerequisites in the development of the entire Roma community at the local and national level.
The third pillar focuses on the transnational cooperation of the Roma. We will attend four international events (conferences, festivals) abroad and also organize 4 international conferences in Slovenia. Through these activities, we want to initiate a transnational network of the Roma in the field of science and art, ethnic rights, education, anti-discrimination, the Roma language development and political participation.
Finally, we are establishing Roma Development Agency. To this end, within the project activities, we employed a group of five Roma. The project group will prepare a development strategy for the Roma community in Pomurje region until 2020. The programme aims to analyse the current situation, to define priorities and goals, and to set concrete measures and projects for the development of the Roma community. In the future, the Roma Development Agency will be the carrier of some of the priority actions in the field of equal opportunities in the labor market and it will increase the employability of the Roma community.

Results of the project
The results of the project are:

- Implemented employment workshops and the increased employment of the Roma in the Pomurje region.
- Established Development Task Force, which will be the basis for the Roma Development Agency Romano Kher.
- Conducted workshops for political participation, a published Handbook for Roma councilors and activists and the established portal RomSvet.
- Visits of international scientific and artistic events and independent organization of international events.
- Creation of a transnational network.

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
The project aims at the holistic empowerment of the members of the Roma community and at the improvement of the situation of the Roma community in Slovenia.

The project includes 100 Roma people, who are trained to increase employment opportunities, where through the help of the employment agent employment of 25 Roma is expected. The training of Romani activists involves 30 people directly, there is provided employment for 4 Roma people at the time of preparation and implementation of the project.

Sources of funding
The project is funded by the European social fund and by the Ministry of labor, family and social affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.