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Country/partner countries
United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Migration Yorkshire (Leeds City Council)

Contact person: Dave Brown


Project information – start and end date (if available)
April 2011 - March 2013

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
Roma SOURCE was a European project which aimed to combat and reduce discrimination through developing mutual understanding between the Roma and mainstream communities, promoting equal rights and highlighting best practice.

Roma SOURCE focuses on the key areas of work in order to meet its objectives:
• researching and mapping Roma communities,
• protecting the rights of children and ensuring that they are safe from harm,
• addressing the health needs of the Roma and the impacts of new arrivals on health authorities and providers,
• addressing unemployment and tackling employer prejudice and discrimination,
• the effective participation of Roma communities in policy making and society,
• audio-visual outreach and awareness programme in schools.

Results of the project
Roma SOURCE has combatted discrimination and exclusion of the Roma, and has improved understanding between the Roma and mainstream communities.

The project included the research across 6 countries, and actions in 4 key areas:

The project has produced a wide range of sources, including reports, good practice guides and case studies.
Roma SOURCE achieved inclusion in local areas, greater understanding and tangible policy change. The effects of the project went beyond the partner organisations, leaving a legacy of integration. Work on Roma inclusion will continue through Roma MATRIX, a new project with 19 partners in 10 countries.

Who will benefit from this project (target group)

Sources of funding
European Union`s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme


Document - materials that incurred in the project
Education and integration of children and students from different ethnic groups and socially disadvantaged backgrounds (Bulgaria)
Realized equal opportunities’ - work on own project of Eurointegration Association and Evrini Training Centre - Varna
Petar Popov: a training initiative for Roma children in Bulgaria
European partnership bringing tangible benefits for Roma children in Varna (Bulgaria)
Roma T&T, a trans-European Roma SOURCE project for Roma children (Greece)
Interview with Krisztián Zsigó
Interview with Stella Galyas
Cultural Mediation Workshops
Musical workshops
Theatre workshops
Good practice guide for Roma integration
Best Practice Guide for improving the school attendance of Roma children in Greece through use of a transferable attendance card
Education best practice guide - Hungary
The laboratory as an experience of personal growth Municipality of Pescara (Italy)
Roma Source 1
Roma Source 3
Roma Source 2
Our community
Our lives
Albert Hammond - English subs
Soledad Giménez - English subs
Anna-Lajosné Gyarmati - community champion
Annet Góman and Maja Vörös - community champions project
Barbara Cooper - community champions project
Carolyn Walker - community champions project
Tania and Madison Asquith - community champions project
Katerina Fakova: empowering citizenship (UK)
Jaroslav Horn, Roma Champion in Leeds (UK)
Peter Končeks, Roma Champion in Leeds (UK)
Roma group - taking an active role in the community (UK)
Roma citizenship and inclusion champions in the Yorkshire and Humber region (UK)
Welcome to Yorkshire
More about Roma people. Information booklet from Hungary.
Interview with Judit Tóth, a Roma woman who took part in the public work programme (Hungary)
Case Study - Aranxta Heredia Garcia (Spain)
Case Study - 'CC' (Spain)
Case Study - Lidia Cortes Amador (Spain)
Case study - Maria Vilanova Heredia (Spain)
Career guidance service: Alfonso Heredia Cortés (Spain)
Dressmaking and employment workshops: Dulce Rodriguez Ortiz (Spain)
Career guidance service: Juan Cortés Fernández (Spain)
Career guidance service: Juan Fernández Gabarri (Spain)
Open markets for Roma in municipality owned space - a Roma SOURCE project to promote Roma employment through street markets in Ano Liossia, Greece
Case study. Paid work and unemployment among Roma: key issues from Roma SOURCE research
Best practice and Roma and employment: the Rom Bazaar (Greece)
Best practice guide - the public work programme in Hungary
Ethnic diversity driver
Giving Roma women access to the labour market in the Valencia Region - Spain
Research about employment in Hungary
Marek Pacon - health champion
Case study: Brenda - health champion in Rotherham (UK)
Case study: Olga - health champion in Rotherham (UK)
Case study: Ruzena Vidickova - health champion in Rotherham (UK)
Increasing take-up of vaccinations by Roma children in the Municipality of Ano Liossia (Greece)
Health conditions and enrolment of Roma children in school (Greece)
Roma Health Champions in the Yorkshire and Humber Region (UK)
Improving the health of Roma communities in the Yorkshire and Humber region
Questions and answers about you and your health - Hungary
Food cards (Greece)
Health cards (Greece)
Learning from our Roma health champion project in Bradford (UK)
Learning from our Roma health champion project in Rotherham (UK)
Some preliminary findings from the Roma SOURCE focus groups
Inclusion of Roma communities: issues and research directions
Roma: the 5Rs
The Limits of Inclusion? Exploring the views of Roma and non Roma in six European Union Member States. Roma SOURCE Final Research Report.
Executive Summary of the Roma SOURCE Final Research Report: The Limits of Inclusion?
Interim Research Report - Roma SOURCE
Research about employment in Hungary
E learning
Overview of Roma SOURCE
The limits of Inclusion? Exploring the views of Roma and non Roma in six European Union Member States. Key research findings and recommendations.
The European policy for Roma integration
Understanding Roma: working with non-Roma people
Cross-sector partnerships for Roma inclusion
Roma SOURCE - closing remarks
Roma SOURCE - video summary