Raising the voice at the local level: the creation of a way towards the effective implementation of the anti-discrimination legislation at the local and national level

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Country/partner countries

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Lead partner:
B.a.B.e. (Budi aktivna. Budi emancipiran.)
Selska cesta 112 a
10 000 Zagreb
Tel. +385 1 4663 666
Fax. +385 1 4662 606

Bolja budućnost - Udruženje žena Romkinja, Čakovec
Cenzura - udruga za promicanje ljudskih prava i medijskih sloboda, Split (za otok Vis)
Gord - Građanska udruga za razvoj, Dalj
ZvoniMir, Knin
Centar za podršku i razvoj civilnog društva Delfin, Pakrac

Project information – start and end date (if available)

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
Reducing the degree of discrimination in Croatia, raising awareness of civil society organizations, citizens and decision-makers at all the levels of the necessity of acceptance and implementation of laws and policies that effectively act on combatting various forms of discrimination.

Results of the project
Expected results: the identified cases of the discrimination of marginalized and vulnerable groups; written recommendations for the adoption and implementation of laws and policies to combat discrimination based on EU standards; established permanent channels of communication between the local and national authorities and the citizens and civil society organizations (CSOs) at the local and national level and emphasize the importance of the involvement of CSOs in the decision-making process; conducted awareness campaigns on the forms of discrimination and active participation of citizens in the the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the implementation of anti-discrimination laws and policies.

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
Target groups and end users: the marginalized and vulnerable groups in the 5 local communities; institutions at the local level; politicians / decision makers at the local and national level, media, public.

Sources of funding
EU funds: 82.338.11 EUR