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Country/partner countries
Toulouse, France

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website

Réfèrent santé, Valérie Chanfreau Munoz.

Project information – start and end date (if available)
Project started in January 2013 and still ongoing.

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
How to find a clinical setting, creating a space of psychic development in this context of slum life and squat? We must rethink the work of the clinician in a space and temporality that always seem to be in the order of urgency. This is a mobile clinic, without office. It is open, in the street, in a car, in a hut. It has the particularity to adapt to the meeting to another. The other in all its otherness, its identity, its culture, its request. The other which questions, by its suffering, its misery. It comes from elsewhere, but their living conditions make it elsewhere, it does not belong to the city, he lives at the margin, in enclosed spaces, hidden in a closed social organization, or exchanges with the outside or to confront addiction, or the denial of their realistic.
The time spent on the land is conducive to a real relationship transference. This is my presence that triggers the expression of demand. The clinical procedure is performed outside the usual framework, the framework is defined by the attitude, the availability of the speaker.
The subjects take ownership, can use it without fear. The link can emerge at any time.
The practice of psychology is in these gaps. The link is there, in a temporality and a subjective space to pose with everyone.
The registration of the therapeutic relationship in a frame is even more important that it is not recognizable from the outside. It is part of my professional operation, based on my theoretical references, schedules I impose my presence and are constant in organizing my work. These benchmarks and time grants every maintenance, and the explanation of my role, make me recognizable in a place and a function that pose the limits of my intervention and create a mental space or become possible the emergence of applications and the setting direction.

Results of the project
1. Encourage the expression of suffering through collective action and individual interviews
2. Identification of the interviews from people expressing a psychic suffering .
3. Foster the direction , support and coordination to specialized devices from common law
4. Take into account the psychosocial suffering so can remove the obstacles that it is at work on their inclusion.
5. Improve the self-esteem to facilitate insertion steps

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
Public Romania and Bulgaria Roma adults and children living in makeshift housing on the Toulouse area . Discrimination , insecurity have a deleterious effect on self-esteem , and feelings of failure successions lead to demotivation and loss of social and cultural references .
1500 Roma people living in precarious habitats in Toulouse

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