Roma in Poland

Roma are one of the four recognized ethnic minorities in Poland, in accordance with the Polish law. Other ethnic minorities are Tatars, Lemko and Karaites. The Roma community in Poland comprises about 20,000 people.

Situation of the Roma

The Roma settled in Poland are a legally recognized ethnic minority. They are no longer nomads, as they have completed their nomadic lifestyle.


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Demographic data

The Roma community in Poland has about 20,000 members. In Poland, the Roma are divided into four basic groups: Bergita Roma, Polish Roma, Kalderara, Lowarzy.


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Socio-economic status

Roma communities are highly diverse in terms of the economic situation, and thus living conditions. 


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The situation of the Roma in Poland was much better than in other European countries. The authorities did not have to worry about repression and harassment of the parties.


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