Workshop on the e-Roma Resource online platform at I.R.T.S-a Higher Institute of Social and Socio-Medical Work in France


On December 16, ADICE will present the e-RR project to future professionals who will most likely be working from time to time with Roma people in their daily activities: the students attending a training to social work at I.R.T.S. a higher institute located in the North of France. Presenting and instructing them how to use the tool developed by the consortium of partners in this European project-the online transnational eRoma Resource platform-fully contributes to an integration policy of Roma communities.


Indeed, the platform provides updated information on the situation of Roma people in France and in Europe on different topics : living conditions, employment, health status, legislations, institutions, etc. Both the access to concrete data and the opportunity to exchange with other stakeholders implementing projects with Roma people allow a better understanding of the issues at stake as well as the solutions to adopt.


The platform is to become an essential working tool for every stakeholder having to address Roma issues. The workshop of December 16 will consequently enable to inform students on the current situation of Roma people in France and in Europe on the one hand and on the other hand to strengthen the collaboration of all stakeholders on a local, national and even European level regarding issues related to the integration of Roma people thanks to the use of a common tool: the eRoma Resource platform.