There was a conference in Eastern Slovakia on the positive examples of working with the Roma


On 06.11.2015, Pecovska Nova Ves (District Sabinov), hosted the conference "Rómska osada a samospráva: dobrá prax, sen či realita?“ (Roma settlement and government: good practice, dream or reality?), under the auspices of the President SR Andrej Kiska, where the positive examples of work with the Roma, the adapting ways, and the first results of pending activities were presented.

The conference was held at the premises of the village office where a Market of tolerance was held. The Market of tolerance was attended by the representatives of community centres, schools, and social work field workers. In addition to a rich conference programme, the tasting of traditional Roma dishes was available, too.

Pečovská Nová Ves lies in the Roma settlement near a new community centre. According to the deputy mayor of the municipality, it is the first in Slovakia, which had a church and dozens of Roma residents within the small community service or other forms of employment, involved in the work of advancing the village.


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