Succesful dissemination-exploitational workshops of the project e-RR in Slovenia


Ljudska univerza Kočevje (People's University of Kočevje) implemented two dissemination-exploitational workshops of the project e-RR in September 2015, for representatives of employment offices from Grosuplje, Kočevje and Ribnica and for Roma assistants and their mentors from primary schools in Maribor and Murska Sobota.


The two workshops we initially presented the project e-RR and the platform, and then the participants had the opportunity to examine the content of the web platform themselves. Part of the workshop was devoted to the exchange of information on the material, which would benefit the participants to use at their work with the target group of Roma and we ended with the evaluation of the platform.


All participants expressed an opinion that the e-RR platform is very useful web tool for all who are engaged in the integration of the Roma. Roma assistants from primary schools of North-Eastern Slovenian region have shown special enthusiasm for the platform. We have also acquired a lot of practical, useful feedback that will help us improve the content of the platform.