Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Roma integration until 2020


The strategy content consists of six parts: the SR intention to integrate Roma communities, theoretical framework, context, policy,  implementation and monitoring and evaluation framework. For the priority policy areas, the authors established a strategy in education, employment, health, housing, but also financial inclusion, non-discrimination and the access to mainstream society. Each area contains a global goal and targets with indicators. The government should create an action plan for each part. The strategy is based on three basic principles: destigmatization, desegregation and de-ghettoizing. The aim of the initiative is to improve the socio-economic situation of the Roma, to develop human capital and strengthen the social capital. Most of the measures and social interventions are focused on the marginalized Roma communities. An important aspect is the orientation of policies for the mainstream population. The aim is to set a public discussion for the policies to be adopted as mutually beneficial. This strategy is a conceptual document, defining the direction of public policies for the social inclusion of Roma communities, irrespective of the degree of their marginalization. For the successful implementation of the strategy, it is necessary to elaborate and develop action plans which specify the needs of individual communities.