Several videos on Roma family life on French TV


The project was implemented by the associative network ROMA, in partnership with Romanian local actors, and it was set at a school in Ponorâta, a village in Romania "where families living in slums in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais County come from", according to Aurélien Dierckens, the project manager and coordinator of the ROMA associative network. The conditions in this school with three classes remain quite difficult, so the ROMA network has taken the initiative to support the school through educational and extracurricular activities. The ROMA network managed to get funding to enable them to strengthen their actions. According to Aurélien Dierckens, in 2015, a centre will be opened to allow children to benefit from educational support and non-formal activities. Pupils will be offered a hot meal every day throughout the year. In addition, educational activities will be conducted among school children, as well as training programmes for the young population of the village.


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