Roma coordinators obtained the certificate of national vocational qualifications within the SORO project


In Slovenia, we have achieved the first great success of the project SORO - Cooperation for the health of Roma people, that is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009-2014. We have successfully completed the training for the profession of a Roma coordinator, with all the participants obtaining the certificate of national vocational qualification.


On Thursday, 11th June 2015, the People’s University of Kočevje held the ceremony of certificates of national vocational qualification, training participants for the profession of a Roma coordinator.


Training for a Roma coordinator is comprised of 70 teaching hours and includes various training modules. The participants began education at five institutions that can provide assistance to children and adults belonging to the Roma community and are also acquainted in detail with the powers, role and responsibilities of the Health Centre in Kočevje. They continued with visits to the Centre for Social Work, Caritas, the Red Cross and the Employment Office.


The completion of the visits was followed by 6 modules where participants gained knowledge on effective communication and functional literacy, computer use, adult education programmes, the situation of the Roma community at the national level and local communities and the Roma culture as well as the work of associations. The certification of national vocational qualification was held at the Institute of Education and Culture Črnomelj, after the training completed.