Proposal of the structure and contents of the platform


As we have already written in our second newsletter, the e-RR partnership prepared and also carried out the first presentations of the structure and contents of the e-RR platform. The proposal of contents and structure might still go through some changes and modifications (according to the results and recommendations of the Transnational report on the state of the art, needs assessment, the testing and the pilot implementation of the platform). The platform will be tested by the experts and other beneficiaries of the project, who will give us valuable feedback information but we would also like to present the main idea in our third newsletter.

There will be four main sections presented on the e-RR platform (in the main menu):

  • About e-RR (information about the project, project activities and the main deliverables and outcomes)

  • e-RR Europe, where basic information about the situation of the Roma in European Union will be presented (also policies and legislations, different institutions and fields of education, employment, health, integration and equal opportunities and culture in relation to the Roma). The last field in e-RR Europe will be intended for the presentations of different projects connected with the Roma (and project outcomes and results) and will serve as a dissemination tool.

  • e-RR country section will have a very similar structure as e-RR Europe and will present the situation of the Roma in all project partner countries (Poland, France, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia).

  • < > will be the last section in the main menu and will serve as a browser for quick search of the materials, uploaded on the platform. We have already presented the proposal of structure and contents of the platform on two international events in the last year (the conference Empowering Marginalised Groups through Education and Training in the Danube region in Vienna and Exp ROM project's final conference in Ljubljana). The participants have shown a lot of interest in the project and the platform, especially because of the possibility to present their own projects and to search through the examples of good practices in other countries. In December, we also presented the proposal of the e-RR platform to the e-RR project Advisory board for the first time.