Project Support Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005 - 2015)


It is the first international effort of this kind, which aims to ensure the Roma equal access to education, housing, employment and health care. The programme partners share a common vision to bridge the gap in welfare and living conditions between the Roma and non-Roma population in 10 years. The aims are to interrupt the cycle of poverty and exclusion, accelerate social inclusion and improve the economic situation of the Roma.

The Roma integration process

Great emphasis is placed on the actual participation of the Roma in the process: "Nothing about us without us". Roma participation is a critical success factor. The Decade of Roma representatives and the civil society organizations are engaged in every stage of the Decade. The Roma outlined and defined the vision from the very beginning. Roma civic groups and experts identified the policy priorities and played a key role in defining the goals and objectives of the Decade. Roma participation has been essential in the regular supervision and monitoring process over the ten years.
Activities by OSF

OSF initiated the involvement of the Slovak Republic in the Decade and its activities, and it continues to:


  • support Roma NGOs in monitoring the implementation of national action plans and ensure government accountability,
  • participate in the meetings of the International Committee of the Decade,
  • support Roma participation in events, associated with the Decade,
  • use their experience in providing expertise and advice of the Government and individual sectors in public policy making,
  • support the initiatives aimed at promoting new Roma political leaders,
  • support the activities of NGOs in several grant projects.

The Foundation carries out its own activities in support of the Decade. Since 1992, it has been supporting NGOs in several grant and operational projects, such as: Sam for jekh than - we are equal - We are equal, the Small grants programme supporting young Roma leaders, Equal opportunities and grant programme Res publica.

The Decade also supports international communities, among others, the Open Society Institute (OSI), the World Bank (World Bank), the European Commission, the Council of Europe Development Bank Development Programme OS N and international Roma organizations.