Participation at the "ZORALIPE ROMANE ŽUVJENGRU - Empowerment of Roma Women"


The project team members of the international project e-RR exploit a wide variety of opportunities to showcase the possibilities for applying the project results of the e-platform in a local and broader national environment.

We responded to the invitation of the Roma Association of Slovenia and presented the e-platform to the participants of the lectures and workshops entitled 'Empowerment of Roma women', which was held on 7.9.2015 in the Development and Education Centre Novo mesto.

The workshops were conducted by Janja Rošler, the president of the Council of the Roma Community and the project manager of the 'Empowerment of Roma women'; dr. Vera Klopčič, a Research Collaborator of the Institute for Ethnic Studies and Monika Sandreli, the editor of the Roma Information Centre ROMIC. The moderator of the workshops was MSc Jožek Horvat Muc, and the guest of honor was MSc Stane Baluh, the Director of the Office for National Minorities of the Republic of Slovenia.

At the workshops, the participants highlighted the need for the questions and problems associated with the Roma community in Slovenia to be addressed systematically and that projects can not substitute for systemic solutions.