NEW PROGRAMME: Working workshop teachers from Slovakia in the Czech Republic and Fair School


Representatives of the OZ Life Together, informed in detail the Ostrava Slovak partners about the activities of the association, focused on community and social work in several communities in Ostrava, devoted to the comparison of systems, their differences and common features between the Slovak and Czech Republic. Slovak participants visited a fully integrated community in which apartment owners are the Diocese Charity. A sample urban community of the ghetto, with 10 years of activity, was able to change the standard of the suburban residential area, mainly due to the systematic work of the community center in this area. They also visited a very problematic area in which the quality of housing and living standards are at a very low level. The visit to OZ Life Together was a beautiful example of a fully professional community work being carried out, in which the missing piece is a big heart.

For all the participants, a visit to the school Vítkov, which carries the title of a Fair School, was an example of how the educational inclusion can be realized in practice. This school is a huge motivation not only because of the financial rewards for the teachers, but also because of the recognition, praise and support dialogue. According to the participants of the workshop, the primary school in Vítkovis is an example of how the maximum is achieved with a proactive approach and thinking "when one wants, anything can happen". The positive mood was literally felt in each classroom, from every teacher and even the students. I must also mention the beautifully landscaped classes, classrooms, special classrooms and the general interior and exterior of the school, which all the elementary schools in Vítkov quietly envied, but on the other hand, we are fully aware that all of this happened only due to their own work and skills. "For the exchange participants, the visit to the school Vítkov was one of the most motivational for their professional orientation" said Peter Nemeth, the regional coordinator, after returning. The meeting with the project coordinator of Fair School, p. Marek Provincial, on the organization of the League Against Racism, was a great meeting to understand the system and the project Fair schools.
The activity is part of the MERI. The main issues of concern were education, the desegregation of education, the examples of good practice in education, and motivation for the educational inclusion in the participants' homes.