New French materials uploaded in the library


ADICE uploaded two new pieces of materials on the platform:

- A book written by Samuel Delepine and Alexandre Nicolas about the situation of Roma people in France and Europe which explains the issues this community faces (such as employment, health, social issues...).

The aforementioned book is titled: “Gypsies’ Atlas: About the questions of Roma people” (“Atlas des tsiganes: les dessous des questions des Roms”).

- A video has been created about the intervention of Clair Michon, a sociologist who performed an intervention regarding the Roma, organized by UPC Roubaix.

The video is titled: Que peut-on partager avec les roms ? (…/Clair-Michalon-que-peut-on-p…)

These 2 materials are now available in the library of the e-RR platform!