Integration options and cultural activities of the Roma in Slovenia


Through its special programme, the Ministry of Culture supports cultural activities of the Roma community in Slovenia. The Roma projects have been a part of the special programme of the Ministry of Culture since 1993. First, they were drawn up by the Association of Cultural Organisations of Slovenia, then joined in by the Roma Association of Slovenia in 1997. Individual Roma societies have registered Roma projects since 2000 (if they meet the criteria), while since 2006 also the individual artists may apply - the members of the Roma ethnic minority.


Since the relatively small number of professional workers and artists is constantly considered as a problem of the minorities, i.e. also the Roma minority, the opportunity offered by the European structural funds, also for the training and employment (also self-employment) of the Roma in the cultural sector and the people who want to get trained and employed in preservation and development of the Roma culture, is very much welcomed.