First participants have finished the programme Financial literacy for Roma


Within the international project Grundtvig Multilateral – Financial literacy for Roma (FINALLY:, which aims to improve financial literacy among the Roma and their knowledge concerning various consumer services, RIC Novo mesto, together with the partners from other 5 countries, has developed an educational programme and special tools adapted to the specific needs of the Roma minority and focused on gaining new practical skills.


The training of teachers and trainers was implemented in May and it lasted 24 hours. The first group of Roma participants finished their 56-hour programme at the end of June. The project results and developed tools were tested by 19 Roma participants at the premises of CIK Trebnje, as the participants live in Trebnje Municipality. The programme consists of 4 modules:

  • Household Budgeting - Plan Ahead And Spend Wisely

  • Saving For The Future

  • Sensible Borrowing

  • Increasing Your Income

This will improve their attitude towards money, efficiency in budget management, the quality of life and trust in bank services. Besides RIC’s mentors, the programme was enriched by the visit of a bank employee and an entrepreneur. 17 participants have successfully finished the programme.


The programme and tools in all partner languages will have been finished by the end of 2015. All the activities of the project can be seen on the project website

The programme can also be adapted, with minor adaptations, for training other vulnerable groups, both adults and children.