Projects e-RR and FINALLY were presented to the students of Pedagogy and Andragogy from the Department of Educational Sciences at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana


In October 2015 we presented educational opportunities for the Roma, offered by RIC Novo mesto, which have been carried out since 1994, including projects e-RR and Finally.

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The participants of dissemination and exploitation workshops within the e-RR project were primary school principals and counsellors


On the 21st October another dissemination exploitation workshop was carried out at RIC Novo mesto.

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Participation at the "ZORALIPE ROMANE ŽUVJENGRU - Empowerment of Roma Women"


The project team members of the international project e-RR exploit a wide variety of opportunities to showcase the possibilities for applying the project results of the e-platform in a local and broader national environment. 

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Roma coordinators obtained the certificate of national vocational qualifications within the SORO project


In Slovenia, we have achieved the first great success of the project SORO - Cooperation for the health of Roma people, which is co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009-2014. We have successfully completed the training for the profession of a Roma coordinator, with all the participants obtaining the certificate of national vocational qualification.

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World café for successful cooperation in the field of Roma inclusion


RIC Novo mesto has been engaged in the activities for better Roma inclusion for many years. We are working closely with a variety of experts, organizations and municipalities in the region.

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Integration options and cultural activities of the Roma in Slovenia


Through its special programme, the Ministry of Culture supports cultural activities of the Roma community in Slovenia. The Roma projects have been a part of the special programme of the Ministry of Culture since 1993.

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