Publication of the e-RR project and the international conference Broaden Horizons


At the end of November 2015, we were exchanging experiences and made plans for further cooperation on the field of Roma inclusion. 

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Bringing New International and Civic Opportunities for People Facing Discrimination


We have been developing new tools and methods in order to facilitate the insertion of marginalized communities such as Roma people thanks to our collaboration in the eRoma Resource Project or our involvement in a European project working towards the establishment of a pilot program for the economic and social integration of women from migrant origins called `I AM AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF MULTINATIONAL SOCIETY` (IamMS).

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Workshop on the e-Roma Resource online platform at I.R.T.S-a Higher Institute of Social and Socio-Medical Work in France


On December 16, ADICE will present the e-RR project to future professionals who will most likely be working from time to time with Roma people in their daily activities.

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International conference »Broaden Horizons - Networks and Experiences for Successful Roma Inclusion«


e-RR partnership kindly invite you to join us at the international networking conference »Broaden Horizons - Networks and Experiences for Successful Roma Inclusion«

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An e-Roma Resource platform dissemination and exploitation workshop in Cardiff


e-RR project and platform were presented to European partners during a workshop realized in Cardiff on the 11th of September.

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LIT 3 final project conference was held between 3rd and 5th September 2015 in Cluj Napoca in Romunia


Between 3rd and 5th September 2015, the Consortium International Lectura si Scrierea pentru Dezvoltarea Gandirii Critice and its partners within the Literacy Cubed – Focus on Roma Families (LIT3)  organized the final conference of the project.

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First participants have finished the programme Financial literacy for Roma


Within the international project Grundtvig Multilateral – Financial literacy for Roma, which aims to improve financial literacy among the Roma and their knowledge concerning various consumer services, RIC Novo mesto, together with the partners from other 5 countries, has developed an educational programme and special tools adapted to the specific needs of the Roma minority and focused on gaining new practical skills.

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The project “Early Marriage – Culture or Abuse?”


The project “Early Marriage – Culture or Abuse?” was awarded an action grant under the call for proposal in the framework of the Specific Programme "Daphne III" of the European Commission (DG Justice).

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2 videos about the Roma, launched by the Council of Europe, are now available on the e-Roma Resource platform


In 2011,the Council of Europe launched 2 videos explaining the situation of Roma people and presenting some success stories of the integration of Roma people in Europe, which can be useful for raising-awareness campaigns.

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World café for successful cooperation in the field of Roma inclusion


RIC Novo mesto has been engaged in the activities for better Roma inclusion for many years. We are working closely with a variety of experts, organizations and municipalities in the region.

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Project FINALLY presented at the Conference on the Economic Empowerment of Roma


On behalf of the Montenegrin Government, a conference entitled Economic Empowerment of Roma was held in Podgorica, Montenegro by he current Presidency country of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 Initiative from June 17 to 18, 2014.


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2nd project meeting in Trnava in Slovakia


On 2nd and 3rd October, the e-RR project team of RIC Novo mesto participated at the conference Empowering marginalized groups through education and training in the Danube region in Wiena. The conference was organized by the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education science and research – Department National Agency of Lifelong Learning and the Austrian Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs. The emphasis of the conference was on the integration of socially disadvantaged pupils – particularly Roma Children’s access to education in the Danube Region Countries. The main aims of the conference were discussion, awareness raising and network formation.

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Study visit in Krakow


From 25th to 30th May 2014, the lead partner (RIC Novo mesto) members of the e-RR project team participated in the study visit in Krakow (as part of the LDV – VETPRO, Sharing and Learning project). The host organization was The Union of Associations Multicultura, which is also a partner in the e-RR project.

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