Education for All


The project deals with:
Open Minds - a standing debate on education
Through the "open mind" we mobilize wider public and strengthen a critical discourse on education as a society-wide issue. Talking to people, the personalities of social and cultural life and re-evaluating innovation, justice and the distribution of quality education for all children, its transparency, diversity and respect for human rights in education.
Education for social change
We start programmes, inclusion and social responsibility through formal (school) and informal (in the family and community) education. The acquisition of skills that enable sustainable and effective use of their own creative potential and available resources, the development of individuals and their communities bring social change. We specialize in musical education, social and financial learning.
inclusive education
Inclusive education is an opportunity for all children to be educated together in a system where every child achieves the best results, uses the full potential. We see it as a change to the current system of the regional education service integration and consistent application of the right to education. Recommendations for education policy projects also work hard to be translated into practice, especially in Roma communities.