E-Resource Roma in Zagreb - the third e-RR workshop


As part of the international e-Roma Resource project the third workshop was held on 19th October 2015. The workshop was held in Zagreb, at the premises of Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Zagreb. The main theme of the workshop was the presentation of the e-Rome Resource Project and on-line e-RR platform.

Guest speaker was Vlatka Vincetić project manager of the ''Romona'' project and Slobodan Veinović representative of Čakovec, a partner in this project. As a part of their presentation of the project, that published on e-RR platform as an examples of good practice , the three members of the Roma minority, the participants of the project Vedran Oršoš, Valentina Horvat and Grozdana Oršoš recounted their impressions, experiences and problems they have encountered. The participants had the opportunity to access the platforms themselves and give their opinion, and thus participate in the further development of the same. At the end of the workshop, the International Conference '' Expand your horizons - business connections and experience for successful integration of Roma '' was announced. 

The next workshop will be held on 5th of November in Osijek. To participate in the workshops or on the International Conference, or for more information about the project you can contact the Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Karlovac in the mail: or by phone at 047 / 606-422. More about the project can be found on the website e-RR project: and the international conference on: