Current Activities towards the Integration of Roma Communities in the French City of Toulouse


Since a couple of years, several arrivals of Roma families from Romania and Bulgaria have been reported in the city of Toulouse-located in the south-west of France. Many of them arrive in France after a working period in Spain or in Greece. When they arrive, they are settled in slums in which they are living in deprived environments with no fair access to public health systems or a decent housing. They are actually marginalized and discriminated against.


In response to the living conditions of those Roma communities, the French Economic Interest Group called Caths which specializes in the implementation of social engineering activities, has developed an integration program after a 4-month assessment analysis on the needs of those communities.


The first obvious priority might be to provide them with decent housing in order to bring about the disappearance of slums. However, the long-term integration of those Roma communities requires a global approach. That is why the program focuses on multiple intervention areas:

  1. Improving health conditions by facilitating the resort to public health services by Roma people thanks to a close cooperation with those very services and the help of social workers

  2. Providing guidance and job counselling

  3. Assisting those who might wish to go back to their home country

  4. Offering them a psychological assistance with private meetings and common activities

  5. Relocating Roma families providing them with decent housing thanks to a structured close cooperation with all cities in the urban area of Toulouse

Around 1,500 Roma people are directly targeted within the implementation of those activities.


If you wish to learn more on the different activities of Caths, please send an email to Mr. Luc Monnin: