Croatian Employmen Service Regional Office Karlovac held workshops for Roma minority


On 16.09.2015, a workshop was held for the Roma population at the premises of the Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Karlovac. The workshop was titled ''How to look for a job?'' and its main goal was to help the Roma population members to find a job.


The workshop was conducted by the senior adviser for professional information and education, Ivana Mehle, a graduate teacher. At the workshop, the emphasis was on how to write a resume. It helped the participants to be more employable and competitive at the labour market and encouraged them to respond to the available job tenders.

The participants are the adult members of the Roma community that have finished elementary school through the ''Education of adults'' programme at the Public Open University Karlovac. The programme is sponsored by the Croatian government, within the national ''Decade of Roma Inclusion'' action.