Bringing New International and Civic Opportunities for People Facing Discrimination


Founded in 1999, ADICE is a non-profit organization which is purposely located in the poorest city of France so as to bring new options for people with fewer opportunities. Indeed, the North of France is the area where the highest rate of youth unemployment is recorded along with the highest rate of people from migrant origins. Our priority is to favor equal opportunities and to facilitate the social inclusion of people-especially youngsters-who are discriminated against. The common approach we adopted is to have young people take part in European and international mobility programs-it could either be in the framework of an internship or a volunteering project-in order to define or enrich their career paths. Mobility is an efficient tool towards gaining new professional and personal skills. It is also a means to facilitate the insertion into the labor market and encourage the participation of young people to decision-making processes.


Accompanying young people, we are really dedicated to their mentorship. It is important to guide them and assess what they intend to achieve in the future thanks to this experience abroad so as to maximize its positive impact. Those options we are able to offer them result from the wide network of partners we have been expanding for over 15 years. For instance, we organize several awareness-raising and information meetings with the close cooperation of other local stakeholders.


Moreover, we have been developing new tools and methods in order to facilitate the insertion of marginalized communities such as Roma people thanks to our collaboration in the eRoma Resource Project. As we continuously advocate for practices and activities towards equal opportunities, we are always seeking new projects that might favor new approaches.


Thus, we are currently involved in a European project working towards the establishment of a pilot program for the economic and social integration of women from migrant origins in the framework of the project called `I AM AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF MULTINATIONAL SOCIETY` (IamMS). A whole consortium of partner organizations are taking part in this project which started in 2015: a Slovenian public adult educational organization - Ljudska univerza Nova Gorica, an Italian social cooperative- Cooperativa Orso, a French NGO - ADICE, a Croatian public adult educational organization- Pučko otvoreno učilište Zagreb and a Turkish NGO educational/cultural association  - Mozaik Kultur Egitim Genclik ve Doga Dernegi. This program could be adapted to other projects dealing with the social integration of deprived groups on a local, regional, national, European and international level.


If you wish to learn more on our activities, please contact our Project Coordinator Mr. Eudes BASTID :