Airing of the documentary on the origins of the ‘CHAKARAKA’ Roma Orchestra


On last December 4, the ‘Chakaraka’ movie was aired on the screens of the Jean Eustache arthouse cinema-a cinema located in Pessac, an area within the urban city of Bordeaux. The movie is financially supported by the Aquitaine Region, Ecla Aquitaine-a cultural agency of the regional council- and CNC-the French National Cinema and motion picture Center.


This 80-minute documentary is the product of three years filming the daily lives of Bulgarian Roma families living in a settlement in the city of Bordeaux-the same settlement in which all members of the Chakaraka orchestra are living. This orchestra is pivotal to the establishment of the Chakaraka Roma Association which chose music as a means of expression for those Roma communities who are often misjudged and misperceived.


Combating any type of discrimination against Roma people and attempting to improve the living conditions of impoverished communities has thus become the first priority of the association, hence its name ‘Chakaraka’ meaning together. The Association reaches this goal through its support and management of the Chakaraka Orchestra which helps developing another representation of Roma communities. Besides those cultural and musical activities, the association also implements social support activities for Roma families and acts as a facilitator with town councils and local associations.


Therefore, this movie does not only portray the development of the Chakaraka orchestra but also shows the daily lives of Roma families: their joys, their culture, their fears and poetic encounters.


Around the airing of the movie, people had the opportunity to meet the two directors-Sylvain MAVEL and Eric CRON- as well as the main protagonists. Some excerpts from the theatre play entitled ‘Chakaraka, life tale’ were also recited. Moreover, there was a photography exhibit in the cinema hall.


You can find the trailer of the documentary ‘Chakaraka’ following this link:


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