5th project meeting in Karlovac


On 24th and 25th September, the e-RR partnership carried out the 5th and last project meeting in Karlovac, Croatia. Our host organization was HZZ RO Karlovac. The partners devoted most of their time to the review of the platform, how to improve it and plans for the international conference. Other meeting topics were oriented in planning the project activities by the end of the project.

 Most of the project activities by the end of the year will have been focused on exploitation and dissemination of the platform, especially the materials and existing projects. We want to encourage professionals to use the materials at their daily use and also to upload their own materials, projects and the examples of good practices on the platform. To achieve that, workshops with experts will take place in each partners country. This will allow the experts to hear about the platform first hand, and also enable them to give us remarks and suggestions about the e-RR platform.