2nd project meeting in Trnava in Slovakia


On 2nd and 3rd October, the e-RR project team of RIC Novo mesto participated at the conference Empowering marginalized groups through education and training in the Danube region in Wiena. The conference was organized by the Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education science and research – Department National Agency of Lifelong Learning and the Austrian Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs. The emphasis of the conference was on the integration of socially disadvantaged pupils – particularly Roma Children’s access to education in the Danube Region Countries. The main aims of the conference were discussion, awareness raising and network formation.

Half of the conference was held in four parallel workshops, where best-practice multilateral Roma projects were presented. RIC Novo mesto presented the e-Roma Resource project at the workshop Awareness rising and networks focusing on Roma. Beside the main information about the project, we also presented the proposal of the designed e-RR portal for the first time. We’ve received very positive responses from the participants and good recommendations and comments from the experts, who are the potential users of the portal. All this gave us further encouragement for our work on the project.

The conference was a good opportunity to present the e-RR portal and invite the potential users of the portal to use the e-RR portal as a dissemination tool for their projects and project results.