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The e-RR platform is the assistance and support in the processes of integration and education of the Roma.

The partner consortium created the platform on the basis of experiences and already existing good practices that have been undertaken by many organizations, institutions, authorities and other participants.


The e-RR platform is an online transnational educational and informational platform, focused on a specific group of educators, project promoters, professionals, decision makers, relevant participants and Roma learners, according to their differing needs. Platform contains: 



  • overview of the wider situation, policies, legislation and institutions,

  • source of information, different materials and best practices,

  • possibility for dissemination of projects and project results.


The platform is intended for the professional and general public as well as for the members of the Roma community who wish to learn about their history and the situation in other countries. It covers three content sets, which are flexible and open for further suggestions and supplements.


Overview of the situation is presented in detail on the level of European Union and all five partner countries. The e-RR project partners are responsible for the content of the national pages and library content.


By the end of the project (end of year 2015), the platform will still have been under construction and will have been developed and improved also on the basis of different beneficiaries’ evaluations.


You are kindly invited to share your projects and their outcomes, examples of good practices and materials, that could be helpful for other experts working in the field of Roma integration.