The historical sources mention the Roma in the territory of the present Slovenia already in the 15th century. From the 17th century on, the data related to the Roma people have occured more often and are also found in the civil register. The studies show that the settlement of the Roma in the Slovenian territory took three different routes: the Roma ancestors, who live in the Prekmurje region (NE Slovenia), arrived through the Hungarian territory, the group of the Roma from the Dolenjska region (SE Slovenia) came through Croatia, while small groups of Sinti coming from the north through the current Austria settled in the Gorenjska region. Despite initially being a predominantly nomadic community, often moving from one settlement to another, today we recognise rounded areas of settlement in Prekmurje, the Dolenjska region, Bela Krajina and Posavje. In these areas, the Roma people are considered as a traditionally settled population which is still preserved in a more or less permanent settlement.


Photo: Pavla Štrukelj (delo.si. Cultural life and creation of Roma people. [online]. Dostopno na: http://www.delo.si/kultura/dediscina/kulturno-zivljenje-in-ustvarjanje-romov.html)



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