Due to historic destiny and other circumstances there are differences among the Roma in Slovenia which are based on tradition, specific way of life, as well as at the level of socialisation and integration in the environment. Considering the difficulties the Roma community is faced with in Slovenia, in particular related to some essential existential areas, this group could be defined as a category which is the most exposed to discrimination on the basis of nationality and ethnicity. Vulnerable social groups, e.g. the minorities, are normally more exposed to the latter.


The cross-sectoral working group for the preparation of the programme of measures confirmed the methodology of preparing the measures to improve the situation of the Roma community members and their quicker and better integration in the society in 2008 (along with the preservation of all the characteristics of their language, culture and other ethnic features). The purpose and objective is to prepare and adopt the programme of measures that will enable the fulfilment of the justified needs of the Roma community members and improve the living conditions of the Roma community members in the Republic of Slovenia, their quality, quicker and easier integration in the society as well as the preservation of language and cultural characteristics according to the needs expressed by the Roma themselves.


A long-term purpose and objective of the programme of measures is to have an impact on the development and to increase mutual understanding and dialogue between the Roma community members and the majority population as well as to promote the realisation of the human and minority rights through concrete measures.


The basic strategic objectives of the programme of measures are:

  • to improve living conditions of the Roma community members and arrange the Roma settlements;
  • to improve education structure of the Roma community members and increase the level of integration of the Roma children in the pre-school education programmes or the programmes preparing them to enter primary schools, the school-age children in the regular education and the youth and the elderly in the continuation of the education process in accordance with the principle of lifelong learning;
  • to increase the employment and reduce the unemployment of the Roma community members;
  • to improve the health care of the Roma community members, in particular with the emphasis on the improvement of the health care of children and women;
  • to preserve and develop cultural, information and publishing activities of the Roma community and endeavour to preserve and develop different forms of the Roma language;
  • to raise the awareness of the majority population in terms of the existence, culture, manners and customs of the Roma community and awareness of the minority members on the rights and duties which they have as the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.  


The priority areas of the programmes and measures are defined according to the set-up strategic objectives.