The warmth of home

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Country/partner countries

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Real Pearl Foundation
4100 Berettyóújfalu, 4100 Berettyóújfalu, József Attila u. 11.
L. Ritók Nóra

Project information – start and end date (if available)
Start date: 01.09.2013.
End date: 30.04.2014.

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
Our “low-tech” biomass briquette project has been running for 2 years, and with this current project we would like to reward the (volunteer) workers by providing them with new or refurbished insulated doors and windows. Our foundation owns a modern carpentry workshop, where these would be manufactured. These, on the one hand represent a large value for the households, on the other hand improve their houses' insulation, through which they will need less heating fuel (briquettes) in the coming winter. The project takes place in the (extremely) poor village of Told, in one of the most disadvantaged regions of the country. We will collaborate with the local minority council and the Profilantrop Association. The latter will provide technological insights and assistance for this project and our further energy-related programs.

Results of the project
The project therefore would enable participants to make long-term savings on their winter expenses.

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
Around 30 people will be working in the briquette production, whose families (around 90 people) will also benefit from the use of the briquettes and the new insulated doors/windows.s a result of the project new connections will be made within the community through working together, while the experiences and results of the project will be recorded and form integrated part of our other activities.

Sources of funding
From EEA Grants