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Country/partner countries

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Slovak Institute for Mediation

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
Improving the quality and effectiveness of the mediators who are working to address the access to education, health and employment, to encourage better communication and cooperation between the Roma and public institutions (school / healthcare providers / employment offices ...).

Results of the project

Roma Institute, N. O. in cooperation with local communities and authorities, ensures the selection of participants for three trainings that they organized, designed to prepare mediators on health and education, with the technical support of relevant bodies of the Council of Europe, (Košice - May 2011, Prešov - July 2011, Bratislava - December 2011). The graduates of the programme received the certificates of the Council of Europe.


Within continuation of the continued intensive work in five selected areas, with particular mediators and issues relating to the selected location (Kendice bright Zborov, Čičava, Detva).


This year he took over coordination of the Slovak Institute for Mediation

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
The programme, launched by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, aims at the mediators of Roma origin who speak the language of the Roma community, and with whom they work. Their tasks and responsibilities include facilitating communication between the Roma and public institutions. In Slovakia, the programme further develops with the Romany Institute, no.

Sources of funding
Council of Europe

Open Society Institute


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