Roma React

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Country/partner countries
Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Roma Active Albania
director: Adriatik Hasantari
Tel: +355 42265953
Fax: +355 42265953

Project information – start and end date (if available)
Start date: 20.04.2001
End date: 20.05.2010

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
Although discrimination exists, it is hard to prove and document the acts that it brings. Also, the local activists and potential role models are always left in the shadow due to the absence of adequate space that can promote them.
People - both Roma and non-Roma - who want to shape the public debate on Roma inclusion. We want our voices to be heard. We are connecting through RomaReact, an interactive multimedia mapping platform that allows us to share everyday Roma realities and to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices that the Roma face. Through RomaReact we want to build a global online community seeking social change and justice.

Results of the project
Localisation of Roma React Website: the website material was translated in Albanian. The translations were done with the help of the RAA volunteers and then sent to the development team. The material was adapted to the Albanian reality, describing the site in the local sense of understanding. Out of 8 reactors involved in the first training, only 5 were involved in the later process and another one has rejoined recently. In June 2012, RAA participated on a training course on the Youth Participation. On several occasions during the training, the reactor presented the RomaReact and the activities undertaken offline. In all the activities and meetings at the national level, RomaReact is introduced as an antidiscrimination tool. This is done within formal and non-formal activities, where partner NGOs and key actors visit our offices or when we meet on several occasions, such as local NGO fair, conferences or other activities.

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
All beneficiaries: 10
Roma beneficiaries: 9
Romani women beneficiaries: 6
Roma participation:
Needs assessment
Decision making
Implementation - management

Sources of funding
Amount: 29.937,00 Euro

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