Razvoj socialnih tržnih produktov v agroživilstvu/The Development of the Social Market Products in Agribusiness

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Country/partner countries

Project lead partner/organization and contact person (e-mail, links) project website
Lead partner: NUTRI PAN - Agri Food Technology Centre

Tel.: 02 521 31 45 oz.
e-mail: info@pan-nutri.si

Majda Robić - project manager

Project information – start and end date (if available)
24.8.2012 - 24.8.2015

Summary (goals and purposes of the project)
The purpose of the project is the development of social entrepreneurship and the development of organic production and processing. Before the start of the season in 2013 the Pan-nutri invited 3 employees to work. Prior to this, education had been implemented in the field of organic production and processing. The aim is to offer the consumer local, organic food and develop a system of organic food producers from whom they bought market highs.

The overall objectives of the project are the development of new organic products, job creation, business growth, professional preparation of staff employment. The specific objectives are to prepare a training programme, attracting 10 participants from vulnerable target groups to attend the training on organic production, processing and finishing products for the market; and to produce at least 3 new food products that will be marketable and will increase consumer awareness of locally produced food.

Results of the project
The applicant in the project planned to prepare the training programme and to train 10 people from various target groups (older than 50, young people, people with disabilities, the Roma, prisoners) to perform various tasks in the field of agribusiness, especially food preparation for market and food processing (such as e.g. oil compression, the processing of juices, dried vegetables). It was also planned to develop at least 3 healthy food products for consumers. Three persons from vulnerable target groups were offered employment for a minimum period of 18 months.

Who will benefit from this project (target group)
10 people from various target groups (older than 50, young people, people with disabilities, the Roma, prisoners). From a total of 3 persons employed in the activities of social entrepreneurship, one person is a member of the Roma community.

Sources of funding
The project is partially financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund. The project is implemented under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development for the period 2007-2013, development priority 4: "Equal opportunities and reinforcing social inclusion", 4 1 priority directions: "Equal opportunities in the labor market and strengthen social inclusion."


Document - materials that incurred in the project
The development of the social market products in agribusiness