Demographic data

The Roma community in Poland has about 20,000 members. In Poland, the Roma are divided into four basic groups: Bergita Roma, Polish Roma, Kalderara, Lowarzy. Bergitka Roma is a group living in southern Poland (Podhale, Beskydy), with about 3,000 members. Bergitka Roma lead sedentary for the longest off all Roma. This group was forcibly settled in the mid-eighteenth century, with the result of the enormous number of the elements associated with the nomadic life being lost. The Polish Roma is a group of about 17,000 members. They probably lived in Poland in the fifteenth century and now they live in central and northern Poland. The Polish Roma led a nomadic life and continued the tradition until the sixties of the last century. The third group are the award-Roma, who came to our country from the area of ​​Romania in the second half of the nineteenth century (after the abolition of slavery ofRoma in this country). This group includes the Kalderash, Lovari and Wlachów. There are several thousand of them. They usually live in small communities scattered across the country (with the exception of the mountain area). The Roma are various groups who came to live in Poland for various reasons, e.g. a family left after the resettlement of German Sinti and Roma Chaładytka Russian. They live in various places in Poland and they are not a coherent group. These communities are small and count from a few to several dozen families.