Development and Education Centre Novo mesto (RIC Novo mesto) conducted a workshop, titled 'e_RR Platform - A Source of Information on the Materials and Projects related to the Roma'


On 18th September 2015, RIC Novo mesto conducted a 4-hour workshop for a group of Roma assistants employed in various primary schools in the region, their mentors and employers, as well as the representatives of the Roma Incubator Škocjan.

At the workshop, we wanted to highlight the practical aspect of the e-RR platform, hence we used diverse work methods: from the classic presentation of the platform and the workshops of identifying the materials needed for working with Roma primary school pupils, to the practical implementation of the platform and gathering the proposals for its upgrade.

We estimate that the workshop has achieved its purpose, as the Roma assistants have shown great interest in the exchange of ready-made materials and teaching aids for classroom work as well as in publishing their own materials and examples of good practice in primary schools.